Why Choose
Play Out Loud Music Studio

Are you looking for convenient, local piano lessons in Corpus Christi? You will love our easily accessible south-central Corpus Christi location! Only 15 minutes from downtown, and 20 minutes to the island, the Studio is just minutes from the Everhart exit off S.P.I.D. Consider many of the advantages:

Exceptional Teaching

Your search for a local piano teacher that can offer it all is over! Whether you want to play for fun, as a hobby, or get more serious, we have a program to fit your needs. Ms. Valerie is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association, the Texas Music Teachers Association, and the Corpus Christi Music Teachers Association, and thus can provide students with the opportunity to showcase their talents and earn awards in a variety of events, including the World of Music program, the State Ensemble Program, State Theory Exams, Original Composition Contest, and more!

Student-Centered Learning

The number one goal of piano students everywhere is to be able to play the music they know and love! I do not insist on a teacher-based curriculum. I do expose students to a variety of music styles, but my main goal is to create life-long lovers of music. This means that I help students find music they enjoy that is relevant and accessible to their level, and include it in their lessons. So, if a student wants to play a song from:

  • their favorite movie (like Shrek, Frozen, or Star Wars)

  • their favorite band or artist (One Republic, Coldplay, Sara Bareilles)

  • their favorite TV show (Big Bang Theory, Disney, etc.)

  • their favorite video game (Sonic, Mario, Legend of Zelda)

  • their favorite classical tune (Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata)

I am going to do what it takes to make that happen! Many times I will create my own arrangement of a song to fit a student’s needs. You will not find this level of commitment to student success and happiness with most teachers, but you will here!

Technology-Friendly Studio

Students are taught traditional skills and methods, but I utilize technology to support and expand the curriculum and motivate students to create and showcase their music. Studio technology includes:

  • High-end digital pianos

  • Built-in lab time and Instruction in how to use some of the most popular music apps including Piano Maestro, Rhythm Lab, and GarageBand.

You Should Expect:
  • A warm, nurturing and positive environment

  • A sense of humor

  • Professional policies & procedures

  • Well-rounded curriculum

  • Opportunities for musical development and performance

  • Technology used creatively to assist in learning (digital pianos, iPad apps, backing tracks, recording, & more)

  • Reduced stress through providing a positive creative outlet for you or your child

  • A sense of accomplishment