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As the current global situation becomes more uncertain, and our everyday lives are changing at a disorienting pace, more and more people are turning to art and entertainment in search of comfort. This includes music, for not only is it easy to enjoy but also convenient to practice yourself. Playing the piano has been of comfort, relaxation, and entertainment for centuries, as it is easily accessible to almost anyone. Play Out Loud Music Studio is happy to have found a way for music instruction to go on, even in these times of social distancing.


There are an abundance of modern tools and technology that allow you to enjoy the fun and fulfillment of piano lessons from the convenience of your own home, and at the same time maintaining the efficiency and interactivity of in-person teaching. Through online platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, students of all ages can be tutored across any distance. Not only does this uphold current safety standards, but it also provides in-house activities and entertainment to cope with the consequences of quarantining. You will not find many better ways to pass the time that are as interesting and fulfilling as learning to play an instrument.

Benefits of Online Lessons

  1. It’s easy! No worries about driving, traffic, or other travel-related issues! Just sit down at the piano, log on to your computer or device, and enjoy your lesson!

  2. You can take lessons from anywhere! If you live in a region or country where high level, professional piano instruction isn't readily available, online lessons might be perfect for you. I'm happy to teach students from any country or continent as long as we can work out our time-zone differences! I also have students who have homes in multiple cities or countries; and they are able to maintain their lesson continuity regardless of where they are.

  3. Online lessons feel similar to familiar digital entertainment, like video games or movies. Using technology is fun!

  4. You can attend lessons even if you’re sick – you may not feel healthy enough to leave home, but still able to participate in an online lesson.

Can't I Just Learn Through YouTube or an App?

The answer - it depends. If you simply want to memorize how to play a particular song or two for friends or family, then a YouTube tutorial can be a viable source. However, if you want to actually learn how to play the piano, and understand what you are playing, you will need to enroll in interactive piano lessons, either online, or in person. 

My online lessons follow a traditional piano lesson model — I meet with a student “live” for a set period of time, and we work on a personalized lesson plan that matches students abilities and goals. Other online platforms simply provide a series of videos for you to access on your own. Also, most of these models are not flexible to meet your needs or goals, and you don’t have the benefit of an actual teacher on your side. 

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