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Penguin Note Matching game

Games make learning fun!

Day 1 Photos - Piano Safari Camp

Piano Safari Summer Campers 2016

Pre-Piano class

Having fun with rhythm sticks

Pre-Piano Class

Pre- Piano class with one of my 3 year old students.

Way Cool Keyboarding 4Kids

Jumping chords on a large floor keyboard.

Way Cool Keyboarding 4Kids

Students playing a game of Musical Candyland to help them learn the white key names.

Class of 4-6 year olds

Learning the music alphabet

Class of 4-6 year olds

Making music alphabet "snakes"

keyboard Ensemble Technology

Taken at a Keyboard Ensemble Technology Seminar that I attended at UCO. We are creating orchestral ensembles using nothing but iPads.

Piano Pronto workshop

One of my adult students playing a duet with Jennifer Eklund (author and publisher of Piano Pronto method) at a workshop held at The Piano Gallery in Sept. 2015