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What is KiddyKeys?

KiddyKeys® is a preschool piano program for children ages 3 to 5. While not a traditional piano lesson, KiddyKeys IS piano-focused and gives children skills that will prepare them for formal music lessons, if desired.


That said, KiddyKeys is NOT exclusively for children who will go on to study piano. The curriculum offers a diverse range of musical knowledge and experiences: singing, dancing, rhythm instruments, coloring, storybooks, music terminology, finger plays, and even a bit of music history.

Students are given the chance to play at a piano keyboard each week, but are not expected to practice at home, and owning a piano or keyboard is not required. 

KiddyKeys students will experience & learn about the following:

  • Rhythm and Movement

  • Notes & Note Values

  • Musical Alphabet & Terminology

  • Keyboard Familiarity

  • Sound Composition and Exploration

  • Development of verbal skills through group interaction

  • Rhythm Instruments 

  • Listening Skills

  • Colors, Numbers, and Shapes

  • Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and character development

  • Positive emotional and social skills

KiddyKeys classes are designed to appeal to a child's natural sense of creativity and fun, as it is well documented that preschool children learn through play. KiddyKeys also includes important, age appropriate life lessons (e.g. sharing, being polite, taking turns) in the classes. Students are helped to see the star quality in themselves and in the people around them. The first class is always free. Book your sample class today!


Play Out Loud Music Studio is the only licensed KiddyKeys provider in the Coastal Bend area. Don't settle for anything less! 


Throughout the year, 30-minute classes are held at a variety of times each week. Your paid tuition allows your child to attend as many classes as you wish, at no additional cost! See Tuition info for current rates. There are over 3 years worth of lesson plans, so children enrolled early get an amazing music education, which really prepares them for traditional piano lessons (or any musical instrument) starting around age 5. If you have more questions, please click here to send me an email. 

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KiddyKeys is an ideal program to introduce or further your child’s exposure to music and the beginning concepts of piano in an enthusiastic and nurturing way. It encourages self-worth and achievement, while incorporating movement, coordination, and hands-on participation through the use of senses in a fun atmosphere. The curriculum absolutely lends itself to enthusiastic learning…What a great gift to give the young children in our lives!   ~Madeline, Mother of a 4 year old KiddyKeys student

KiddyKeys has been an outstanding addition to the outside services we offer our parents. We have watched KiddyKeys grow into a positive, fun and educational program. Each session, more and more parents are wanting to know more about the program and how to sign up! Music is such an important part of a young child’s life. It is something that will grow with each child and teach them skills that they will take into many aspects of their lives! KiddyKeys is on the right track!   ~Rebecca, Center Director, Tiny Town Childcare Center