Musicianship Classes

Music educators and piano teachers have enumerated the many advantages of group teaching including the valuable learning atmosphere that it fosters. Studies have also found that group instruction is effective in developing both performance and musicianship skills.  

Advantages include:


Makes learning fun. Musical skills and fundamentals can be taught using group games and activities that are fun to experience with others.  This also allows for greater creative exploration.


Develops rhythmic security. Playing with others builds a stronger sense of rhythm and timing.

Positive peer pressure. Students have a sense of group spirits and dynamics that naturally increase motivation. Students of similar age and level relate and learn from each other as well as from the teacher. Students stimulate and energize each other.

Develops communication skills.  Music is a social art and a means of communication. Students  learn how to express themselves musically with and in front of others. The group provides limitless opportunities for students to share their knowledge of music with their friends.


Develops concentration. Students learn to maintain their own part while hearing others play.


Joy of making music with others. Group lessons provide students the opportunity to play ensembles. Students enjoy the excitement and rich sound of playing with other pianists.


Builds teamwork. Students learn and experience teamwork in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Students grow by helping others.

Musicianship classes are held approximately 6-7 times per year. During these sessions, a wide variety of concepts and topics are covered, often using music games and other activities.  These classes are one of the highlights of the studio experience...students have so much fun, and are able to learn in ways that are impossible during regular lessons.