Piano Lessons that are Fun AND Educational


Most people think learning to play the piano is hard. Do you agree? What would you say if I told you that learning to play the piano is actually easy? It can be, if you take the right approach.

In fact, if you took lessons as a child, mostly likely, your teacher demonstrated a few things for you, and then expected you to take the music home and practice it and learn it on your own. This is essentially how I was taught growing up. However, in my teaching experience and ongoing research, I have found an approach to the piano that is much easier, and the results are amazing!

My teaching method incorporates a natural, intuitive way of learning. I encourage the use of the ear, along with exploring the sounds off the page, and then we transfer that skill to the written score. This gives the students confidence when playing, because they are playing what they have already heard and experienced!  When students have confidence, then they view playing the piano as an enjoyable activity, and not just a chore, or homework.

And yet, many teachers and piano methods out there do not utilize this fundamental way of learning. Instead, they do it backwards, and students struggle. Unfortunately, this is the reason many piano students drop out after a year or less of study—they are frustrated!


That doesn’t happen here. My students are engaged and playing from the very first lesson. I believe that music is for everyone, and we all have a natural creative gift. My unique approach helps to unlock that gift and get the best possible results!

It is well documented that if you make it fun, kids learn easier, faster, and retain the knowledge longer. Here are just a few ways that we incorporate FUN into our piano lessons:

  • Off-the-bench learning

  • The use of technology & apps 

  • Fun contests & motivational challenges that encourage all to participate & succeed

  • Lots of laughter

  • Helping students learn the music THEY want to play

Fun, motivating piano lessons are easy piano lessons. The result? Guaranteed success!

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"My son has been taking lessons with Valerie for a couple years now and absolutely loves it! She is very passionate about the piano and wants everyone to share in the gift of music."

—  Stephanie T.