Adult Piano Lessons

A common misconception about learning to play the piano, is that you should start learning at a young age. Adults often assume that if they didn’t learn to play piano as a child, then it’s simply too late. But this simply isn’t true! Our brain is capable of learning new things at any point in our entire lives. 

Granted, we may not make new brain connections as rapidly as children do. But this doesn’t mean our brains retire once
we hit 18! In fact, the more complete development of the adult brain can actually be an advantage in music study! Why?Because adults have an easier time grasping complex concepts and technical explanations. In addition, the emotional development of an adult aids them in expressing themselves musically. Music is the most directly emotional of all the arts—and emotion in music is best expressed by those who have experienced those emotions themselves.


So, if you are an adult thinking about starting or resuming piano lessons, I would encourage you to do so! It’s never too late, and you're never too old! Your piano lessons, and the time you spend at the piano, can bring you happiness from the moment you start.

Piano lessons at Play Out Loud Music Studio are designed to be fun, and stress-free. After all, who needs more stress in their life? Feel free to visit a class to see what it's like - or call for a free demo lesson! You'll be glad you did!


I am lucky to have Valerie as my piano teacher! I have been taking weekly piano lessons with Valerie in a small group setting for 3 years. Our class size is small and our lessons are always fun and challenging. Valerie is an awesome piano teacher and I always look forward to the next new lesson she has for us. ~ Donna H.

Taking piano lessons has always ranked high on my Bucket List. A year and a half ago, I took the plunge and enrolled in adult piano classes with Valerie. I am having such fun and developing an even greater appreciation, than I had before, for music and its huge impact in our lives!! Adult piano lessons are the best . . . If you ever thought, even for a minute, that you might be interested in taking piano lessons, I urge you to try it! The cost is affordable, the scheduling is flexible and the benefits are ongoing!! Go ahead - just do it!!! ~ Barbie B.

LEARN, LAUGH, PLAY is Valerie's motto for her piano classes and it is certainly true.  I have been taking from Valerie in an adult class with three other ladies for several years and we all learn to play beautiful music as we laugh and have a good time.  PLAY OUT LOUD MUSIC STUDIO is a stress free environment where you can learn to play the piano while you are having fun. ~ Charlene W.

Who would have thought I could learn to play piano at the age of 54.....Valerie has made it very easy to learn.....her passion for teaching cannot go unnoticed.....if you want to learn you can learn......with an awesome teacher like Valerie.

~ Diana C.